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A Love/Loath Relationship?

Free your Mind...








...Free your Performance


I am a violinist and have been playing professionally for almost 20 years. There have been all sorts of different experiences with performance nerves throughout that time and as I got older I noticed the intensity of the anxiety was increasing. It seemed there would only ever be coping mechanisms, until I came across a practice 5 years ago which has allowed me to live free from the limitations of my mind. It has changed my relationship with my mind completely, transforming the inner experience of performance, and consequently the outer experience of my playing.





Even just reading the words "Performance Anxiety" is enough to send adrenalin running through our bodies. Maybe remembering a performance where we really struggled with it, or the thought of sometime in the future where we might battle with the shakes, nausea, sweating, cold or hot hands, limbs not working properly, the voice drying up...the list seems endless. It is so ironic, when we have put so much work into something that our bodies can sabotage the very thing we want to do to the best of our ability.


Why do all these physical challenges arise? Quite simply because of the mind/body connection. Take one example; we know we are about to go on stage, our heart rate starts to rise, there's an increase of blood flow to our skin and we sweat in an attempt to cool down. It's a very impressive and complicated chain of events. Our body is extraordinarily clever in it's complexity, but in this instance extremely unhelpful.


We've established the mind creates the problem. Now for the good news!


All it requires is a subtle shift of where we put our attention. We have a choice, to believe our mind - The 'voice' that sounds like us, surely must be who we are? But what if we dropped that perception and experienced something else? After all, what we've been doing so far isn't necessarily giving us a life free from stress and anxiety. All we need to do is to change where we put our attention, from our thoughts to the awareness of our thoughts.


Ascension allows you to change your relationship with your mind.  Instead of having to fix, change and improve your thoughts, emotions and life circumstances BEFORE calm and confidence is possible, we can instantly engage with life in a completely different way by using a simple meditation technique .


Ascension is a meditation practice which is simple to use, it's fun to learn and can be used anywhere, at any time with either eyes open or eyes closed.  It gives peace 'with' mind so you experience your inner source of calm, confidence and contentment right here, right now - no matter what the circumstances are. The conditions we need in order for us to feel confident no longer exist. We stop resisting life so much, we sleep better, we use much less energy and therefore have so much more energy!

Ascension is one of the best meditation techniques available for performing artists. It is a specific tool, which can be used on stage in performance and people often comment they experience instant results from the first day they use it. This is not just about performance nerves, it's so much more and can completely transform your experience of life.

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