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Have you ever wished you could stop your mind from working overtime? ...especially at night when you are trying to sleep...?!



Meditation can help you experience life in a very different way.




Ascension is a meditation practice which allows you to experience more happiness and peace in your everyday life. It is simple and fun to learn, there's no jargon, no strict rules or uncomfortable sitting positions and no judgement of where you are at.


Instead of having to fix, change and improve your thoughts, emotions, body and life circumstances BEFORE peace is possible, Ascension can help you to engage with life in a more consciously aware way, live more in the present moment, learn to resist life less and as a result feel much more calm, confident and content.


It can transform how you relate to your mind so that you can sleep better, improve your relationships, gain clarity, access your intuition,  have more energy and perform at your best. It reduces cortizol (the stress hormone), normalises blood pressure and improves brain function and memory.


People using Ascension meditation often comment that they feel better from the first day of using it and see the benefits from continued practice. They are happy to have found a way to meditate that is easy, fun and effective, and fits into the daily routine.

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