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It's been the single most momentous thing I have done in years.

Mind Detox is exactly what it says it is: it takes away the poisoned preconceptions that you've learnt to live with as part of your personal story.  It allows you to revisit damaged relationships and heal the pain, lets you step forward into new experiences without all that baggage - helps you forgive, move on.  It may sound impossible; it may sound abstract; it may sound like this is the kind of thing that takes years.  All I know is, I had a series of detox sessions with Alison, and on the very first she led me - gently, compassionately, intuitively - to a new and altered understanding of my sibling relations that's utterly changed not just the way I regard them, but the way I am within them.  I found a brother again.  But it goes beyond that, because the process, the whole how to be - so simple, so profound, so incredibly renewing - is something you take away, it's something you gradually learn for yourself, something you come to apply to every aspect of your life. 


This is such an amazing gift.

Jenny Preston

Lecturer, University of London

I was nervous of the process and what it would reveal and how emotional it would make me feel - stuff had been put in the back of my mind for so many years as it was too painful to address. However, something I felt very upset about for over 30 years is now nothing more than an event in my life, not a huge emotional black hole of upset and anxiety.


Throughout, Alison was calm, supportive, relaxed, professional and understanding as well as approachable. The process was quick, effective and very positive.


Thank you!



Mind Detox – as a doctor and scientist I am naturally a little bit suspicious and hesitant when it comes to alternative medicine and healing methods. However, I am also curious to find out more when I have never heard of something, as it was the case with ‘mind detox’. Going through a few sessions with Alison and experiencing this method was a great eye-opening experience. Guided by Alison’s wonderfully sensitive and warm approach, it turned out to be a great way to learn to look at things from a different perspective, helping to untangle little ‘knots’ in your perception that are not necessarily problems serious enough to seek therapy for. There was no hokuspokus or esotheric element, just a simple step-wise approach to change your perception and look at an issue with a fresh mind.

For me, it was great to see a simple methodical approach that can be useful to help with a huge range of different issues, starting from long-term, deep-seated problems, but also can be applied to little every-day issues to avoid them turning into deeper problems.. A very cathartic experience that I would recommend to anyone on a regular basis! I cannot imagine a better mind-detox mentor than Alison. She creates an instant atmosphere of trust, understands the point, and takes you on the mind-detox journey in an intelligent and intuitive way.

Dr Julia Burkert

Alison has a warm approach and utter discretion. She is skilled in unravelling performance related issues and offers practical, straightforward solutions to the mental blocks which cause physical and psychological issues.


Highly recommended.

Johanna McWeeney


Amazing!  So many things came out in our session.  I have been meditating and it's amazing 'now' is the right place. A place of happiness and peace.


Thank you so much!

Isabelle McNish

I asked to see Alison because I was feeling very lost after a turbulent relationship breakdown. We agreed that the session would work best by focusing on some issues in the past that had affected my ability to feel loved. Alison was very good at asking questions which made me think of situations in a different way. She was very patient with me as I found it quite difficult to answer some of the questions. I felt she really understood me but was able to be at a professional distance to help me help myself. I feel much more at peace with myself and have been able to put some past experiences into a more useful context which has helped me to deal with current situations in a more effective way.


Financial Analyst

Thanks so much for our session. It was great to learn more about mind detox. I wanted to let go of worry and to enjoy the moment much more. I am now feeling freer in my body and enjoying playing with the context/content idea. I am meditating much more and finding calm and peace within any situation, even stressful ones! Thank you.



I have been feeling really good I haven't been dwelling at all on the things which came up, which is unlike me. I feel much lighter and generally very happy! I was thinking how good you are at doing this therapy - very easy to talk to and insightful too.


Yoga Instructor

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