Mind Detox allows us to let go of anything which may be limiting our lives in some way. Sometimes we can have beliefs which are unhelpful and can be damaging to us so if there is something in your life which you are uncomfortable with and you would like to let go of, whether it is an emotion, or thoughts, a physical symptom or perhaps feeling stuck in life then the therapy of Mind Detox is probably the most efficient process available to you for letting go and being free from it.



What is

Mind Detox Method?

Mind Detox Method (MDM) is an exciting and powerful therapy which is simple,  extremely effective and comfortable. Created in 2005 by Sandy Newbigging*, Mind Detox is fast becoming one of the most successful therapys in the UK.
It is an extremely thorough and efficient way to discover and heal the causes of physical, emotional and life problems.
Typically people come for this kind therapy for a full range of issues:
Stress, Anxiety,  Depression,  Relationship Issues,  Anger, OCD  Phobias, Trauma, Abuse, Self-esteem, Work/Life Balance,  Addiction Bereavement, Personal Crisis,  Self-Development,  Insomnia,  General Distress  with  life.
Physical Symptoms such as Eczema,  Psoriasis,  Headaches,  Migraines,  IBS,  Pain Management,  Weight,  Blood Pressure,  Panic Attacks.
MDM is a way of helping to reduce emotional stress by discovering and resolving significant emotional life events in a person's life. In addition, clearing any self-limiting beliefs will affect all areas of your life in a hugely positive way.
It is different to many other therapys as the sessions are focussed on an immediate resolution to a painful memory, rather than spending more time 'in' those painful memories. It works exceedingly quickly and thoroughly, given the client is ready to let go.
Mind Detox involves talking to someone who is trained to help you quickly pinpoint the specific reasons for your particular emotions about a situation. They will fully concentrate on guiding you in transforming your relationship with these events. Sessions will also focus on your relationship with your true self.
Mind detox will allow you to
  • live FREE from limiting beliefs
  • have PEACE with past events
  • live life fully in your NATURAL state
  • achieve your full potential in life and live YOUR life
Quite simply, by making peace with your past, chronic stress is reduced allowing healing to take place in your body.

Leading scientists have proven that the mind and body are connected. Due to that connection, a person's mental and emotional wellbeing can have an impact upon their physical wellness. According to Stanford University Medical School, the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta (CDC), and numerous health experts, the main cause of health problems on the planet is stress. Research by the cellular biologist Dr Bruce Lipton suggested that over '95% of all illness occurs because of stress in the body's autonomic nervous system'.


Put simply, to increase good health it is important to reduce stress. What causes people to get stressed in the first place is their belief system. A person's beliefs determine how they respond to life circumstances and in turn, how much stress their body experiences.


Emotions can have a negative effect too. Emotions are in effect 'energy in motion' within and around your body. They are designed to flow freely. However, it is possible for them to become stuck in your system. Negative emotions, such as anger, sadness, fear, guilt, hurt and grief, are the most common emotions to become stuck because they are often linked with unexpected Significant Emotional Events that 'shock' the system. Stuck emotions are energy that has become stagnant in your system. Over time they can become toxic with the potential of causing disease within your body and unnecessary stress and suffering in your life.


What your mind believes, your body becomes.


Unfortunately, many people also unintentionally block their health and happiness with out-of-date beliefs that are harmful to their body and their life. Incredibly, research indicates a person's beliefs can communicate with the individual cells of the body, which we believe then respond over time by creating physical conditions that mirror the messages sent to them by the brain. Beliefs have the power to influence every aspect of your physical functioning, including digestion, immune system, blood pressure and even your DNA. In a very real way, your beliefs become your biology.


Although the Mind Detox Method (MDM) has been linked with people experiencing physical healings, it is important to be clear that no claims are being made that MDM can heal. Instead, MDM is simply a way of helping to reduce emotional stress by discovering and resolving significant emotional life events in a person's life. What appears to be the case is that by reducing emotional stress, the body is more likely to be in balance and function perfectly well, therefore improving general health.



Why does MDM work?

Shape your Mind is based in London and offers coaching based on Mind Detox, Neuro Linguistic Programming,  Cognitive Behavioural TherapyTime Line Therapy and  Emotional Freedom Technique. Skype consultations are also available.



" One of the many things I love about Mind Detox is giving someone the opportunity to be truly free from something limiting their life. It is a huge privilege to witness the moment of realisation, when a client recognises something they have carried with them for years, sometimes decades has just gone, completely gone.


Everyone deserves to live this freely! "




*Sandy Newbigging is the creator of  MDM and best-selling author of Heal the Hidden Cause. Sandy is a columnist for Holistic Therapist Magazine and Om Yoga, he has appeared on television around the world on channels including Discovery Health, and has been interviewed by countless magazines and radio stations across the UK and USA. To date, he has personally taught people in his methods from 15 countries and run retreats at some of the worlds best health resorts including Chiva-Som in Thailand.


Alison trained with Sandy in the UK from 2011- 2012 and qualified as a Mind Detox Practitioner in June 2012